The Spirits and the Times Will Teach

Location:New Zealand / Aotearoa
Subject:Maori culture
Length:46 minutes
Format:16 mm
Year Released:1974
Series:Tangata Whenua: The People of the Land
Director:Barry Barclay
Producer:Pacific Films
Library Code:Archive-NZFA
Description:Part 1: In Those Times. A kuia (female elder) reminisces about her early life at the time of King Mahuta. Part 2: Moko. Maori elders discuss the significance of moko (chin tatoo) and the role on the marae of the kuia who still have moko. Part 3: Herepo's Place. Herepo is the last kuia in her district with a moko. She revisits places of her youth and discusses her present life, looking after her mokopuna (grandchildren). Talks about the value of land.
Record No:1957
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