Stirling New Guinea Expedition

Location:Irian Jaya / West Papua
Length:6,000 feet
Format:Archival Film, silent, 1/2-inch VHS
Year Released:1926
Director:Richard Peck
Producer:Smithsonian Institution and Dutch Committee for Scientific Research
Distributor:Smithsonian HSFA
Library Code:Smithsonian HSFA 87.4.1
Description:Footage shot by Richard Peck of an expedition led by Mathew Stirling and sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution and the Dutch Committee for Scientific Research, of the Dutch Colonial Government to conduct anthropological work among the pygmy people of the Nassau Mountain area in western Netherlands New Guinea. Footage features aerial views from the first plane flown in New Guinea for expeditionary purposes; trekking to mountains; trading between members of the expeditionary party and villagers; and shots of material culture and stone age technology. Supplementary materials.
Record No:1964
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