Location:New Zealand / Aotearoa
Subject:Historical feature; Maori wars
Length:101 minutes; 118 minutes
Format:35mm; 1/2-inch VHS; DVD
Year Released:1983, 2000 (DVD)
Director:Geoff Murphy
Producer:Utu Productions in association with the New Zealand Film Commission
Distributor:Facets; NZFC; CBS/Fox Video; Kino on Video
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 3076; DVD 0631
Description:Screenplay, Geoff Murphy, Keith Aberdein; executive producers, Don Blakeney, Kerry Robins. Photography, Graeme Cowley; film editor, Mike Horton; music, John Charles. Unrated director's cut, deluxe letterboxed ed. Contains some Maori dialog with English subtitles. Tells the story of a Maori warrior employed as a guide by a British regiment in New Zealand, during the British Colonial campaigns of the mid-1800s, who rebels and seeks revenge ("utu," in Maori) against his employers for slaughtering his people. Epic film about relations between the Maori and the British in the 1870s.
Record No:2242
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