Velvet Dreams

Location:New Zealand; California; Tahiti
Subject:Women in Art; Polynesia
Length:46 minutes
Format:1/2 inch VHS; streaming
Hue:Color with B&W sequences
Year Released:1997
Director:Sima Urale
Producer:Vincent Burke, Clifton May; Top Shelf Productions: New Zealand on Air
Distributor:Top Shelf Productions; New Zealand on Air: NZ on Screen
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 17151
Description:A look into the kitschy world of black velvet painting. Features the internationally famous black velvet painter Charles McPhee and perspectives of Pacific Islanders such as Reverend Mua, a Samoan minister and poet, who "rarely gets to meet topless women in his line of work." Interviews with artists, collectors, dealers and scholars in New Zealand, California, and Tahiti.
Record No:2257
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