Volkerkundliche filmdokumente aus der sudsee

Subject:Documentary; Dance; Ritual; Life and Culture; pottery; tool production
Length:20 minutes
Format:16 mm
Year Released:1941 (made during 1908-1910)
Director:Tischner, Herbert (Bearb.) (Hamburg)
Distributor:Hamburgische Museum fur Volkerkunde; Reichsanstalt fur Film und Bild; IWF B 524
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Description:This film was created during the Hamburg South Seas Expedition of 1908-1910, which visited parts of Melanesia it's first year ( the Admiralty Islands,and the Sepik River Area) and Micronesia (the Caroline and Marshall Islands) its second year under the direction of Professor A. Kramer. The film documents ceremonila dances, ritual, and the production of tools, knives, and pottery. While the quality of the film has declined over the years, its ethnographic content is unequaled. The original film rests at the Hamburg Folklife Museum, while the second copie appeared after the War in Berlin at the Reichsanstalt fur Film und Bild.
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