Alfred Melotu, the Death of a Paramount Chief

Location:Solomon Islands
Subject:Death; Social customs
Length:45 minutes
Year Released:2002
Director:Peter Crawford, Trygve Tollefsen, Rolf Scott
Producer:Peter Crawford, Trygve Tollefsen, Rolf Scott
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Description:Alfred Melotu was the paramount chief of the Papua speaking Reef Islanders, in Temotu Province, Solomon Islands. He was filmed during the visit of the Danish anthropologist Jens Pinholt in 1992, where future film plans for documenting custom in the Reef Islands were discussed. His untimely death, during the second visit of the film crew in 1996 changed the plans. What was going to be a film about the life of a paramount chief, and his constant endeavors to preserve the cultural traditions of his people, became a film about his death and funeral.
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