Asmat: Time's Forgotten People

Length:52 minutes
Format:1/2 inch VHS, DVD
Year Released:2000
Director:Jean Michel Gorillion
Producer:Manuel Catteau; Zed / OdyssŽe with the participation of RAI 3/Canal + Belgique, RTBF/TV 5
Distributor:Filmakers Library; Penn State Media & Technology Support Services (rental)
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 20281
Description:Filmed in the heart of Papua country, Asmat helps us to discover one of the most unknown people in the world. The Asmat, in addition to being feared headhunters, are also brilliant wood sculptors. The Asmat people live on the southwestern coast of western Papua. Protected to the north by mountains and to the south by the Arafura Sea, their land has long remained free of outsiders. Explorers have always been discouraged by the Asmat's terrifying reputation as cannibals and headhunters. We follow Rufinus, a twenty-year-old Asmat, who must perform an ancient ritual before he can be married. He must capture and kill a cassowary, the great solitary bird that lives in the depths of the jungle. The group's elder's will assist him, giving Rufinus a sense of belonging to the Asmat people, who their neighbors call "the men who eat the men".
Record No:2422
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