An Evergreen Island

Length:46 minutes
Year Released:2000
Director:Mandy King, Fabio Cavadini
Producer:Frontyard Films
Distributor:Video Education Australasia Pty Ltd; Frontyard Films; New Internationalist (sales in Australia)
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 20940
Description:In 1989 the landowners of Central Bougainville closed one of the world's largest copper mines that was destroying their land. It remains closed to this day. In response, a blockade was imposed around the island. This is a film about a people who survived for 9 years without assistance from the outside world. From scratch the Bougainvilleans built their own schools and tertiary colleges, without western medicines or health professionals they turned to their traditional bush medicine, without weapons they made their own guns out of water pipe; without communications they charged batteries using solar power to run satellite telephones and 2-way radios and without a power station they generated their own electricity by harnessing water energy....But the most fascinating invention was the use of fermented coconut oil as a substitute for diesel and fuel.
Record No:2451
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