In the Name of Growth -- Fiji: A Story of Fisheries Development, Indigenous Women and Politics

Subject:Women; Politics; Fisheries
Length:53 minutes
Format:VHS PAL and NTSC
Year Released:2001
Director:ŇAtu Emberson-Bain
Producer:'Atu Emberson-Bain
Distributor:Infocus Productions, Suva, Fiji.
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Description:Filmmaker 'Atu Emberson-Bain; assistant director, directory of photography and original music: Michael Preston; editing studio: Digital Domain. Portrays the life of Fiji tuna cannery workers -- poor wages and working conditions. Shows the human costs of a growth-driven economic model for workers in Levuka's Pacific Fishing Company (PAFCO) on the island of Ovalau. Highlights the clash between World Bank-style, growth-driven development and the traditional values of a needs-based subsistence economy. It also exposes the reality behind the rhetoric of indigenous rights. As the economic tide turns against the cannery, the screws tighten on the factory floor. The women struggle to support their dependent husbands and families, to manage their competing roles as mothers and workers, and to meet the unrelenting demands of culture and religion.
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