Our Small World

Subject:Social customs; Lifestyles
Length:112 minutes
Format:1/2 inch VHS
Year Released:2000
Director:George Andrews
Producer:George Andrews Productions
Distributor:Beyond Television Sales
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Description:Life on the tiny atolls of Tokelau, tucked just beneath the equator, is precarious. With no airstrip, no tourism, no harbor, not even a safe anchorage. The only link with the outside world is a boat that comes once a month from Samoa, 500 km away. They face cyclones, hurricanes and global warming, yet far more pressing for the people that inhabit these tiny islands is the threat of losing their children. Our Small World is a story of heartache and sacrifice of parents bringing up children in one of the most isolated and vulnerable societies on earth. The young hold their hopes for the future, yet the greater their hopes, the more they fear losing them to the outside world.
Record No:2510
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