Pattera: Midwives of Guam

Length:25 minutes
Format:1/2 inch VHS
Year Released:2001
Director:Karen A Fury Cruz
Producer:Karen A Fury Cruz
Distributor:Pattera Video Project
Library Code:
Description:Viewers are visually transported back to a pre-World War II era when most children on Guam were born at home with the help of a pattera, a midwife. These Chamoru women, trained in the skills of nurse-midwifery during the administration of Guam by the US Navy, delivered thousands of children. The personal stories of 3 of these pattera, and of family members reflect the challenges and lifestyle of that time. collectively, their stories embody the historical and cultural changes that occurred in Guam during the 1900s as Guam shifted from Spanish to American colonialism and adopted a cash-based economy, westernized medicine, education, and government.
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