Samoana: The Islands They Names Samoa

Subject:Documentary; History; Social life; Customs
Length:55 minutes
Hue:Color with B&W sequences
Year Released:2001
Director:John Tristram, I. James Wilson
Producer:John Tristram, I. James Wilson
Distributor:Juniper Films; those in US should contact Asofou So`o at
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 20241; UHM AV/C DVD 10077; NZFA Film 52401, 52412
Description:A co-production between government of Samoa and Juniper Films. Script, Lau Asofou So'o. Recounts events and profiles people in Samoa's 3000 years of settlement. Having left Southeast Asia several centuries before, these seafaring people and exponents of the lapita culture made the Samoa Island group their home. They developed a culture which retained elements of their original one, and embraced new aspects as they adapted to a different environment. Includes footage from the 2000 millennium observances. DVD contains both language versions: Samoan and English.
Record No:2526
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