Songs of Polowat

Subject:Puluwat (Micronesian people); Social life and customs; Dance; Songs
Length:30 minutes
Format:1/2 in. VHS
Year Released:1994
Producer:Jeff Pleadwell, Stonewolf Productions, Todo Mauleg Productions
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 18207
Description:Narration, Jeff Pleadwell; Project coordinator, Kirino Mario; translation, Felisa C. Edward; cameras, Stonewolf, Kirino Mario; cultural consultants, Tesny Ham, Loretta M. Ham. Titles and narration in English; songs and dialog in Puluwat and English. Traditional ceremonies, songs and dances surrounding the Aug. 4, 1994 ordination of Basilio Dilipy as the first native Roman Catholic priest from the island of Polowat, home of traditional Micronesian navigators. Dilipy was also awarded the honorary title of "Navigator to the Heavens" by Chief Manipy. Groups from Polowat, Houk, and Polap perform.
Record No:2536
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