The 5-Minute Project

Location:Cook Islands; New Zealand
Subject:Women; voyaging; human rights
Length:50 minutes
Format:1/2 inch VHS
Year Released:1995
Distributor:Television Trust for the Environment (TVE)
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Description:Project was born at the conferenc eWomen Empowering Communication in Bangkok where participants signed up to make a five-minute video on a subject of the own choosing. Women from over 10 countries took part - the end result is a video anthology of ten five-minute peices from the Cook Islands to Greece, India to New Zealand, each highlighting one of the sub-themes of the Beijing conference, in both documentary and drama formats. Films include a moving dramatization of an Indian girl raised a boy, and an interview with a Polynesian woman, who undertook a voyage in one of their traditional boats, and refused to take on the role of the cook.
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