Kava Kultcha

Location:Unspecified Polynesia (filmed in Hawai`i)
Subject:Feature short; culture loss
Length:14 minutes
Format:Beta SP
Year Released:2003
Director:Leah Kihara
Producer:Leah Kihara, Leanne Kang Ferrer
Library Code:
Description:Set in 2012, Kava Kultcha portrays a world where one culture dominates. The Global Enforcement Agency’s (GEA) sole task is to abolish all countries, religions, languages, and cultures. Facing tyranny, an undergraound group of Polynesians continue their treaditions in secret--their kava drinking group perpetuates their culture--until one night the GEA aggressively seeks to eradicate them. Will it be the end of the “kava kutlcha”? Screenplay by Misa Tupou.
Record No:2775
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