The Kokoda Trail: More Than Just a War Memorial

Location:Papua New Guinea
Subject:Colonialism, World War II
Length:52 minutes
Format:Digital Betacam with M&E
Year Released:2002
Director:Catherine Dyson
Producer:Mish Armstrong
Distributor:SBS Program Sales
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Description:The wilderness of the Kokoda Trail is home to the Koiari - the traditional landowners, known as the "fuzzy wuzzy angels" of the 1942 Kokoda campaign. But a new generation of activist landowners effectively closed the Trail during the 2000 Olympic Torch Relay demanding war compensation from the Australian government. Militancy began to swell with attacks on tourists and the Australian Government warned against travelling there. Development projects were suspended and the Trail became the subject of dispute between landowners and commercial interests - echoes from Australia's long colonial history in PNG. However, the Koiari elders simply wanted to remind Australians that the Koiari are the custodians of the spirits of dead Australian soldiers. They want to rebuild relationships with Australia. Set against this turmoil, a group of young Australians are invited by the Koiari to live and work with them in a unique cultural exchange. The aim is to create a new generation of relationships based on the bonds of the past.
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