Cricket and the Trobriand Way: A Case Study in Culture Change

Location:Troriand Islands; Papua New Guinea
Subject:Cultural adaptation; culture change; sports
Length:28 minutes
Format:1/2-inc VHS
Year Released:1983
Director:Ira Abrams
Producer:Coast Community College District
Distributor:Indiana University (rental)
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Description:An intense study of a Melanesian tribe of horticulturists, the Trobriand Islanders, looks at a part of one culture's adaptation to change through the process of syncretism. In contrasting scenes, shows a traditional game of British cricket, then a Trobriand match which the islanders have changed drastically, including the addition of their own rules and rituals, war paint, chants, and dances. The game, as adapted by the Trobrianders, is an example of how a culture can blend its own cultural traditions with those from other cultures. Includes footage of many practices that reflect the blending of two cultures, such as treating cricket bats with war magic and decorating them for conflict and incorporating the traditional Kayasa competition with the cricket match. Closed Captioned. Episode 25 in the series.
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