The Land Has Teeth

Location:Rotuma, Fiji
Subject:Conflict resolution, social life and customs
Length:17 minutes
Format:1/2-inch VHS
Year Released:2002
Director:Esther Figueroa
Distributor:Juniroa Productions
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Description:This documentary explores Rotuman concepts of justice and conflict resolution through interviews with Rotuman scholar Elisapeti Inia, Rotuman resident Voi Muaror, Fijian Distric t Officer Luke Moroivalu, Rotuman academic and filmmaker Vilsoni Hereniko, and Rotuman high school students Sapeta Taito and Emily Erasito. Encapsulated in the Rotuman saying, “the land has eyes and the land has teeth,” is the concept that the natural and supernatural worlds are related and linked through the land and the ancestors.
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