Pace of Life

Location:Woleai Atoll
Length:851 ft (25 min)
Format:1/2-inch VHS
Year Released:1977
Series:Social customs
Director:Mathias Maradol and E Richard Sorenson
Distributor:Smithsonian HSFA
Library Code:Smithsonian HSFA 86.13.19
Description:Edited film created for the National Anthropological Film Center, Smithsonian Institution, was made to reflect the rhythm of life on Woleai Atoll, Western Caroline Islands, Micronesia. Film shows the village layout, men working on outrigger and making rope in the canoe house while children of various ages watch and interact with each other, women collecting and preparing breadfruit for cooking, children playing around extinguished cook fire, and two women grooming each other in the shallow reefs while children play close by. Supplementary materials.
Record No:2833
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