Pere Village, Manus Province, Papua New Guinea

Location:Manus, Papua New Guinea
Subject:Daily life, Margaret Mead
Length:1,080 ft
Format:1/2-inch VHS
Year Released:1975
Director:Barbara Honeyman Roll
Distributor:Smithsonian HSFA
Library Code:Smithsonian HSFA 90.15.1
Description:Edited film documenting the inhabitants of Pere Village, Manus Province, Papua New Guinea. Honeyman, a colleague of Margaret Mead, has worked with the villagers since 1966. Film records margaret MeadŐs last visit to Pere Village and includes Mead being welcomed by the villagers, sitting and reading while children play, visiting a school, and departing the village by boat. Film also includes scenes of villagers playing frisbee and whiffle ball and dancing.
Record No:2843
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