Easter Island in Context: From Paradise to Calamity (Mysteries of Easter Island)

Location:Easter Island
Subject:Easter Island
Length:51 minutes
Format:1/2-inch VHS; DVD; streaming
Year Released:2002
Series:HistoryŐs Artifacts: Separating Fact from Fiction
Director:Peter Steen
Producer:Peter Steen
Distributor:Films for the Humanities and Social Sciences and Films on Demand
Library Code:UHM AV/C DVD 1936 and streaming
Description:When Dutch sailors landed on Easter Island, they found a warlike people recovering from anarchy and cannibalism. What had gone wrong with a civilization that had lived in peace for nearly a thousand years? In this program, Claudio Cristino, the islandŐs resident archaeologist; William Liller, of the Easter Island Foundation; Patricia Vargas Casanova, of the Easter Island Studies Institute at the University of Chile; and others offer their views on moai, rongorongo tablets, the Birdman Cult, and the devastating effects of overpopulation, to provide a captivating glimpse of a complex culture driven to the brink of extinction. Images of artifacts, 3-D computer graphics, and artwork enhance the program.
Record No:2862
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