DotÕs Death

Location:New Zealand
Subject:Drama, cross-cultural encounters, Tongan culture
Length:20 minutes
Year Released:2002
Director:Stan Wolfgramm
Producer:Stan Wolfgramm
Library Code:
Description:Teresa, a white woman, has been married for six years to her Tongan husband, Willie. They have a beautiful daughter Luana, and all seems well until Teresa receives a phone call. Estranged from her mother since her marriage to Willie, Teresa receives news that her mother, Dot, is dying of cancer. Cultures collide when Willie visits Dot and decides against his wifeÕs wishes to bring her into their home to die. In this spiritual tale of pain and transformation, WillieÕs Tongan roots are as determined as DotÕs bigotry and TeresaÕs morality. For
Record No:2956
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