Betelnut Bisnis: A Story from Papua New Guinea

Location:Papua New Guinea, Goroka
Subject:betelnut, development, social life
Length:52 minutes
Format:1/2 inch VHS; DVD
Year Released:2004
Director:Chris Owen
Producer:Andrew Pike
Distributor:Ronin Films; Filmakers Library
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 21741
Description:The story of a family from the Eastern Highlands, living on a small plot on the outskirts of Goroka, by arrangement with traditional landowners. Lukas Kaima sometimes finds part-time work as a nightwatchman and laborer, but decides to try his hand at the betelnut trade to see if he can earn some extra money. The film follows Lukas and his wife, Kopu, as they try to make a success of their business traveling to and from the coast on the betelnut trail. Provides a portrait of present-day life in PNG. Produced in association with SBS, the National Film Institute of PNG and Ronin Films. Study guide available online at
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