Keva et Delphine

Location:Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
Subject:Marriage ceremony
Length:52 minutes
Year Released:2004
Director:Lorenzo Brutti
Producer:CNRS Images
Distributor:CNRS Images Videotheque
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Description:Delphine is a belgian ethnologist, Keva a rapanui singer. They met in a pacific island and felt in love each other. In principle they had nothing in common but they have chosen to spend their lives together. What would push an aristocratic European woman embedded in her traditions to give up her quiet life and fall in love with a Pacific Islander ? What would push a rapanui man to renounce his culture and get married to a woman so different from his own people and customs? This film narrates the encounter between these two individuals and analyses the personal feelings and the cultural issues of an exogamus marriage in the broader frame of a changing polynesian society. (In French)
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