Aeroplane Dance

Location:Australia; New Guinea
Subject:World War II; Anthropology; Dance; Song
Length:56 minutes
Format:1/2 inch VHS
Year Released:1994
Director:Trevor Graham
Producer:First Run/Icarus Films
Distributor:First Run/Icarus Films
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Description:Little Eva, a US bomber, carshed along Australia's far north coast after a bombing raid of New Guinea in December of 1942. The Yanyuwa people searched for the crew and created a storytelling dance ("corroboree") to commemorate the experience. This film juxtaposes American and Yanyuwa tales of the war with drama, song and dance. The film explores the creation of legends. Winner of the Basil Wright Prize 1996, International Festival of Ethnographic Film (UK), Silver Hugo award 1995, Chicago Film Festival.
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