Bro’Town - Series 1

Location:New Zealand
Subject:Comedy, adult animated television series
Length:Approximatelyt 21 minutes per episode
Format:DVD (PAL and NTSC)
Year Released:2005 (series started in 2004)
Producer:Firehorse Films
Library Code:UHM AV/C DVD 3139
Description:Animated television series that chronicles the misadventures of five teenagers growing up in Auckland, New Zealand. It satirizes the boys’ Pacific Island heritage and expresses what it is like to grow up as a minority Polynesian culture in Auckland. Written and voiced by the Naked Samoans - Oscar Kightley, Dave Fane, Simpal Lelisi, and Mario Gaoa. Six episodes include: Go Home Stay Home, Get Rucked, The Wong One, Sionerella, A Maori at My Table, The Weakest Link.
Record No:3130
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