Devenir un homme en Melanesie (Becoming a Man in Melanesia)

Location:Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Pentecost, Kontu
Subject:Initiation rituals, social life and customs
Length:52 minutes
Year Released:2003
Director:Jerome Segur
Producer:Manuel Catteau - ZED
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Description:“This is the dangerous experience of young boys who have to pass a terrible initiation test to enter adulthood. Succeeding will grant these adolescents a new status and new responsibilities within their tribe. But succeeding is not sure thing, if they fail, they will remain children inside their own communities. Junior and Charles, from the island of Kontu in Papua NG, must capture a shark with a lasso equipped with a propeller, while on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, Wabak, Sali and Telcon must jump from a high wooden tower with vines attached to their ankles. Two different tests with a same objective: to become a man !” Won the Grand Prize in the FIFO 2005.
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