Les couleurs du Caillou (Colors of the “Caillou”)

Location:New Caledonia
Length:26 minutes
Year Released:2002
Director:Antoine de Maximy
Producer:Agence de presse NOON (Axel Charles-Messance)
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Description:The history of New Caledonia seen through the history of this island's settlements, starting with its very first inhabitants, the Melanesians, who settled in New Caledonia 3,500 years ago. It is populated today by men and women of various origins, mostly “Canaques”, originating from the Pacific and the “Caldoches” of French origin, but also a number of Asians. These various ethnic groups have not mixed very much until now. Although French is New Caledonia's official language, 28 dialects are still spoken on the island.
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