La vallee des hommes plumes (Valley of the Feather Men)

Location:Papua New Guinea
Subject:Social life and customs, culture change, traditions
Length:26 minutes
Year Released:2003
Director:Gerard Perrier
Producer:RFO Reunion & Canal Reunion
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Description:In the highlands of Papua New Guinea, the Huli people are trying to save the School of the Forest and the Feather Men tradition. This community of warriors has adorned itself with the feathers of the bird of paradise and, with this, received their seduction power. 18 months are necessary to grow a wig; the growing of hair is surrounded with mystery and secrets, following rules dictated by the ancestors. The hair is then cut off and the wig is decorated with flowers and bird of paradise feathers.This tradition, however, tends to disappear with the increasing influence of Christianity in the area and the warriors are slowly leaving the School of the Forest and no longer wearing wigs.
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