Suzanne Aubert, une religieuse Francaise chez les Maoris de Nouvelle zelande (Suzanne Aubert, a French Nun among the New Zealand Maori)

Location:New Zealand
Subject:Religions, missonaries
Length:26 minutes
Year Released:2004
Director:Chantal Perrin
Producer:Perisphere Films (Eric Mommeja)
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Description:Suzanne Aubert (1835-1926), was a sister missionary who lived in New Zealand where she dedicated her life to the Maoris. Mre Aubert, Mother Aubert, or Sister Meri Hohepa, is a loved and respected figure in this country. Her exemplary work with the Maori community and those bypassed by New Zealand Society, survives until today. Her beatification is being considered in Rome and she may become the first New Zealand Saint.
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