Les jours du Taui (The Days of the Taui)

Location:French Polynesia
Subject:Elections, politics, independence
Length:26 minutes
Year Released:2004
Director:Olivier Gelin, Herve Cartelet
Producer:RFO Polynesie
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Description:“This last May 23rd, while nobody was ready for it, the outcome of French Polynesia's Territorial elections upset the local political life... Following a game of new political alliances, Gaston Flosse lost his majority in the Assembly and his seat as President. To make things worse, it was Autonomists like him but in the opposition who nailed it down. A page was turned. On June 10, Oscar Temaru was elected President of French Polynesia. He was French Polynesia's first pro-Independence President, as well as its first President with law-making powers. This “Days of Taui” report looks back at these few days that changed French Polynesia. Days of political deals, suspense, drama but also of rejoicing.”
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