Carnets du pacifique (Chronicles of the Pacific): Vanuatu

Length:52 minutes
Year Released:2004
Director:Jacques-Olivier Trompas
Producer:EJO Productions Asie-Pacifique & Canal Caledonie
Library Code:
Description:“The Vanuatu archipelago offers a unique opportunity to experience another dimension of time...The traveler enters the heart of an untouched and sometimes brutal nature with active volcanoes. An introduction to a country, which beyond a uniquely tourism-oriented approach, makes the traveler discover a people whose way of life, unchanged for thousands of years, rests on other values and other points of reference... At the crossroad of South Pacific civilizations, Vanuatu is a country with many faces. A land of magic, rituals and encounters, it is the ideal backdrop for a journey back to the origins of mankind...”
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