Cargo vagabond (Vagabond Freighter)

Location:Society Islands, French Polynesia
Subject:Voyaging, social life
Length:52 minutes
Year Released:2002
Director:Luc Federmeyer
Producer:Lieurac Production
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Description:“‘Cargo Vagabond’ proposes an original discovery of the Society Islands and its inhabitants following the itinerary of a freighter, the Vaeanu. This old freighter sails to the Leeward Islands, where it delivers the goods necessary to the life of the islanders. From the Captain to the sailors and the passengers, these surprising and picturesque characters make up a floating theater in the tradition of sea travel stories and they lead us to the discovery of Polynesian “cultural identity”, away from the clichés of tourism. Without narration, The Vaeanu passengers open a crack in the door to their French Polynesia. Aboard the ship is all the charm of the laid back art of Polynesian living. These are strong natural characters with simple words to remember.”
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