Un Chinois de Papeete (A Chinese from Papeete)

Location:Papeete, French Polynesia
Subject:Chinese, multiculturalism
Length:26 minutes
Year Released:2004
Director:Frederic Reau
Producer:AED & RFO
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Description:“Tahiti is a mixing place for many communities. Behind the Polynesians and the Europeans, the Territory includes a quite visible Chinese community. The first wave of Chinese immigration took place in 1860. About a thousand of Cantonese were recruited and brought to work in cotton plantations. Other waves followed. Michel Chansin is a photographer. Arrived from Canton to run away from poverty, Michel's ancestors settled in Papeete, opened a business and became fully integrated. Michel's photographic work gives him an opportunity to take a look back at his community's history and culture and to take an interest in its place in today's Polynesian society.”
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