Oltobed a Malt: Nurture, Regenerate, Celebrate

Subject:Festival, arts, Ninth Festival of Pacific Arts
Length:45 minutes
Year Released:2005?
Director:Aren Baoa
Producer:Secretariat general de la communaute du Pacifique (Rhonda Griffiths, Cultural Affairs Adviser) and the Republic of Palau
Distributor:SPC; Belau National Museum
Library Code:UHM AV/C DVD 4658
Description:“This film covers the cultural events and highlights of the 9th Festival of Oceanian Arts that took place in Palau in July 2004. Through colors and costumes, the spectator will marvel at the displays and splendors of this magnificent celebration. Everyone will have the opportunity to admire young and old folks, men and women revealing the magic and the spirit of a festival of Oceanian Arts. Artists and dancers from about 27 Pacific countries and territories traveled by canoe or by plane along large distances to come to Palau and celebrate their identity, their know-how and their cultures. For 10 days, through their respective cultures, all these islanders demonstrated what it means to be Oceanian in the 21st century.” Languages: English, French--Multiregional.
Record No:3190
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