Vincent and the Rainforest: Global Conversations in Rural Melanesia

Location:Solomon Islands; New Georgia
Subject:Environment, activism, rainforest
Length:73 minutes
Year Released:2006
Director:Rolf Scott, Edvard Hviding
Producer:SOT-Film, in collaboration with University of Bergen and Solomon Islands National Museum
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Description:Focuses on a converstaion between anthropolotist Edvard Hviding and his long-term friend Vincent Vaguni, a community leader and sometime envrionmental activist from the remote village of Tamaneke in northern New Georgia, Solomon Islands. The film highlights VincentŐs remarkable career of cooperation and conflict with a staggering range of foreign actors (including Asian logging companies, Australian mining companies, and international environmental organizations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature) and conveys local perspectives on global issues, with an overall emphasis on the rainforest and its multiple uses. VincentŐs acute understanding of the complex factors at play gives some unique glimpses of local development aspirations in a globally connected Ňout-of-the-way place.Ó English subtitles.
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