Peoples of Papua and New Guinea

Location:New Guinea
Subject:Social change, administration, colonialism
Length:47 minutes
Year Released:1962
Library Code:NFVLS
Description:Pt. 1: The Sepik. Shows the efforts of the patrol officers to make peace with the warring tribes of the area, to create a sense of unity among them and teach the basis of European-Australian law, government and economics. Pt. 2: Rabaul sequences. The Tolai people of the Gazelle Peninsular, with their high level of social economic and political development helped by 80 years of European influence, still have need for traditional attitudes to be removed before progress can be attained. Pt. 3: Highlanders. Progress in the Asaro Valley is demonstrated by the work of two naties who left their tribes, a Rural Health Centre officer and a coffee plantation owner.
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