Koriam’s Law and the Dead Who Govern

Location:Papua New Guinea, East New Britain
Subject:Cargo cult, religion, missionaries, feature documentary
Length:110 minutes
Year Released:2005
Director:Gary Kildea, Andrea Simon
Producer:Gary Kildea, Andrea Simon
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Description:“In Koriam’s Law Australian anthropologist Andrew Lattas meets his match in philosopher-informant Peter Avarea of Matong village, Ponio, Papua New Guinea. Motivated by their lively dialogues the film sets out to place that most misconstrued of cultural phenomena, the “cargo-cult,” in a universalising light.” The film concerns itself with the contemporary works and understandiings of the Pomio Kivung Movement, whose “mission is to prepare the way for the coming ‘change’ and, at the same time, to organise for a better society in the here and now.”
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