Sori Susie and Three Short Films

Subject:Drama; social issues, health, domestic violence, electoral rights
Length:84 minutes
Format:1/2-inch VHS; DVD
Year Released:2005
Producer:Wan Smolbag Theatre
Distributor:Wan Smolbag Theatre
Library Code:UHM AV/C DVD 5147
Description:Dramatized stories from the Wan Smolbag Theatre Company in Vanuatu. Sori Susie, originally produced in 2004 and three short films, originally produc ed in 2000. In Sori Susie, Susie is pregnant, but her husband Kalo doesnŐt seem to care. He is happier drinking with his friends or picking up women. HIV and STDs make this a dangerous game. The three short films cover various social issues: reproductive health, domestic violence, ahnd electoral rights. In Bislama. UserŐs guide in English.
Record No:3259
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