Daughters of the Pacific

Location:New Zealand
Subject:Migration, identity, generational issues
Length:45 minutes
Format:PAL DVD; PAL 1/2-inch VHS
Year Released:2006
Director:Caroline Harker
Producer:Jennifer Lee Lewes
Distributor:leelewes films
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Description:Children of migrants share a common story. The first generation born in a new country must live between two cultures: The land of their birth and the culture of their parentsŐ birthplace. This is the story of four young New Zealand-born Pacific women (Emeline Afeaki, Pule Puletaua, Lanni Liuvaie, Louise Tu`u) whose parents have come from villages in Tonga, Niue, and Samoa. The film is about their struggle to combine two cultures and to find their place and identity here.
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