Olohega Special

Location:Olohega; New Zealand (also filmed in Hawai`i)
Subject:Indigenous rights
Length:23 minutes
Year Released:2009
Director:Marama Papau
Producer:John Utanga; executive producer: Taualeo`o Stephen Stehlin
Distributor:Rights: Television New Zealand. Program: Tagata Pasifika. See description for more information.
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Description:Olohega. A small, idyllic Pacific island north of Samoa and just south of Tokelau. Bought for a bottle of gin and 15 shillings an acre. Annexed to the United States. Its former inhabitants were evicted almost sixty years ago from their island and long to return. Originally broadcast on 16 July 2009 on Tagata Pasifika, Television New Zealand. Program number: 17 /09. For a copy, e-mail cam.swainson@tvnz.co.nz and mention the program number and transmission date.
Record No:3442
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