Our Path, Our Journey, Our Voice

Subject:Social issues, youth issues
Length:15 minutes
Year Released:2009
Director:Steve M, Francis T, Jayanna P, Jon M
Producer:Guam Department of Youth Affairs; FYI:Films by Youth Inside
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Description:A group of student internees at Guam's Department of Youth Affairs go against the grain and share their experiences as at-risk youths as they prepare to participate in a documentary film project sponsored by DYA and L.A.-based FYI: Films by Youth Inside. Two of the students, Andrew and Jennifer, reveal their perspectives on youth issues, incarceration, and the expectations from family, friends and society that compell them to illegal activities. Through their experiences working together with fellow classmates on a narrative short project, Andrew and Jennifer come to realize that through hard work and self-determination, they can grow beyond their respective circumstances and fulfill their potential.
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