The Invasion

Location:Papua New Guinea
Subject:World War II
Length:2 x 56 minutes
Format:1/2-inch VHS
Year Released:2010
Director:Don Featherstone
Producer:Andrew Wiseman
Distributor:Film Australia
Library Code:
Description:From the corridors of power to the blood-stained battlefields of the Papua New Guinea highlands, Kokoda tells the story of the brutal World War II military campaign between Australia and Japan that changed the course of Australian history. No army had fought in such terrible conditions; no general thought it possible. Yet Kokoda was a vital struggle. The ferocious battle for the Kokoda Track saw bravery and atrocity, noble and malicious intent on both sides. The diggers were fighting for their country's survival as the only free nation in Asia. To tell the story with authenticity, the Kokoda film crew walked and filmed the length of the Kokoda Track...and the green hell of the Owen Stanley Mountains.
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