Dave’s New Beat

Location:Solomon Islands
Subject:Crime, police, RAMSI
Length:26 minutes
Year Released:2006
Series:Policing the Pacific
Director:Alan Erson, Andrew Merrifield, Stephen Oliver
Distributor:Film Australia
Library Code:
Description:Australian Federal Police find adventure and challenges in the region as they join the multinational police force known as the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) and embark on a tour of duty to East Timor. This series follows several Australian Federal Agents deployed to the Solomon Islands, where they patrol the streets of the capital Honiara, the remote and dangerous Weather Coast and outer islands that rarely, if ever, see law enforcement. In the final episode we are reacquainted with Australian Federal Agent Dave Elson who makes a tour of duty to Dili in East Timor after the recent unrest.
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