Jaki Ed: Marshallese Clothing Mats

Location:Marshall Islands
Subject:Clothing, material culture
Length:18 minutes
Year Released:2010
Distributor:Distributed by USP campus, Republic of the Marshall Islands. Contact Dr Irene Taafaki at taafaki_i@usp.ac.fj for more information.
Library Code:UHM AV/C DVD 7637
Description:A short cultural history of Marshallese fine mats, which are especially finely woven and decorative clothing mats worn traditionally by men and women. It details the mat-weaving process from the collection of the materials to their weaving, and it describes recent efforts undertaken in the Marshall Islands to revive this cultural industry by reintroducing the patterns and skills of fine weaving, particularly among the youth. In Marshallese, with English subtitles.
Record No:3519
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