Vivii i le Atua – Praise to God: Exploring Religious Freedom in Samoa

Subject:Religion, history
Length:38 minutes
Year Released:2005
Producer:Galumalemana Steven Percival
Distributor:Paradigm Documentaries
Library Code:
Description:This two-part film explores religious freedom in Samoa through a recent case in the village of Salamumu where a family was persecuted twice in less than two decades. The village council had ordered the most severe of Samoan punishments, mu le foaga (raze the nest) which meant to kill and erase all trace of the people concerned. The family’s crime was to start its own home-based bible study class and no longer attend the Methodist Church. Village actions were based on an council ruling passed in 1916 prohibiting any faith other than Methodism in the village. (In Samoan)
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