Coming Home to Banaba

Location:Banaba; Kiribati; Ocean Island
Subject:Phosphate mining; colonialism; documentary
Length:30 minutes
Format:NTSC, PAL
Year Released:1998
Director:Jeremy Cooper
Producer:BBC TV; The Open University
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 20484
Description:In July 1997, a small group of Banabans and ex-miners made a return journey to the island that was once their home. Banaba, "Ocean Island", in the Republic of Kiribati, was one of the British Empire's richest sources of phosphate from 1900 to 1979. The island was devastated by the mining, as were the Banabans who were exiled in 1945 to Rabi in the Fiji Islands group, after already suffering for three years under intense Japanese occupation. The film portrays the islanders and ex-miners' return to what remains of Banaba -- a landscape of barren coral outcrops and rusting machine.
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