Aibom (Neuguinea, Mittlerer Sepik) - Herstellen eines Einbaumes / Aibom (New Guinea, Middle Sepik) - Construction of a Canoe

Location:Papua New Guinea
Subject:Kleidung ; Farbstoff, Farbe ; Kunsthandwerk ; Ornamentieren ; Wirtschaft ; Arbeits- und GerŠtekunde ; Holzbearbeitung ; Schnitzen ; Transport ; Wasserfahrzeuge ; Papua-Neuguinea ; Sepik-Gebiet ; Australien/Ozeanien ; ethnology ; culture ; clothing ; dye, paint ; craftwork ; ornamentation ; economy ; labour and equipment science ; woodworking ; carving ; transport ; water vessels ; Australia/Oceania ; Papua New Guinea ; Sepik Region ; Kultur ; Ethnologie/Kulturanthropologie
Length:28 1/2 min
Format:Film, 16 mm, 308 m
Year Released:1975
Director:Schuster, Meinhard (Basel) ; Schuster, Gisela (Basel)
Producer:Meinhard Schuster (Basel)
Distributor:IWF (Gšttingen) E 1372
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Description:Aus einem weichen, wenig haltbaren Holzstamm wird ein am Bug verziertes Kanu geschlagen. Zuerst wird die Au§en-, dann die Innenseite mit Axt und Dechsel bearbeitet. Anschlie§end wird das Boot mit KokospalmblŠttern ausgebrannt, ins Wasser gebracht und dort mit roter Tonerde bemalt sowie mit SchnŸren geschmŸckt.A canoe is made from the trunk of tree. During the rough part of the work the Aibom man is assisted by a friend. The upper part of the trunk is split off in pieces by means of an axe, and the inner part of the trunk is hollowed out layer by layer; the worker is using an axe to treat the inner surface of the sidewalls, and an adze for the bottom and the upper rim. The edges marking the transition between sidewalls and bottom are rounded by an adze with a curved blade. Then the canoe is turned, and the outside is worked by using axe and adze. The decorations at the prow and the upper rim are carved with adze, knife, a large neel used a chisel, and a wooden beater. After finishing the inner and outer surface the canoe is fired by dried coconut leaves. The boat is then brought into the water, painted with red clay and decorated with fibres.
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