The Exploring Isles

Length:20 minutes
Year Released:c1950
Producer:Martin Moyer Productions
Distributor:Martin Moyer Productions
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Description:The Exploring Isles, named by America's Naval Captain, Charles Wilkes (1840) after the official title of his expedition, lie seventeen degrees south of the Equator and acros the 179th meridian of west longitude. The group, often referred to as "World's End" consists of seven islands and numerous islets scattered around the margins of a beautiful lagoon some two hundred square miles in extent and enclosed by a barrier reef of about eighty miles. In a magnificent setting, the people of these isles are filmed at their work and play. We see them search for and catch the tasty flying fox or fruit bat; stalk the tree-climbing coconut crab; quench their thirst from the gnarled water vine and from the green coconut; eat the delicious, exotic soursop and the sweet pulp of the sprouting coconut (vara). Narrated by Ram Singh.
Record No:565
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