He Pito Whakaatu a Te Maori Na James McDonald

Location:New Zealand / Aotearoa
Subject:Maori life and culture
Format:35mm archival prints
Year Released:1919-1923
Director:James McDonald
Library Code:Archive-NZFA
Description:Films by James McDonald of the tangata whenua. James McDonald (1865-1935) began working for the Dominion (now the National) Museum in 1904 and in 1907 also began filming various scenic attractions for the Tourist Department and ethnographic film records for the museum. In 1986, the NZFA completed the restoration of the unedited, fragmentary, and decomposing negatives, enabling the films to be seen for the first time. In addition to their usual repair work, the preservation included the preparation of bilingual intertitles and the return of the films for screening by the Maori. These films are the most extensive records of traditional Maori life and activities from this time. See: Te Hui Aroha Ki Turanga/ Gisborne Hui Aroha; He Pito Whakaatu i te Hui i Rotorua; He Pito Whakaatu i te Noho a te Maori i te Awa a Whanganui; and He Pito Whakaatu i te Noho a te Maori i te Tairawhiti.
Record No:753
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